In this video we plug over some crazy wall avenue bets trades in Tesla ( TSLA ) On the wallstreetbets subreddit the use of the robinhood app. This video was produced by posts made on wall avenue bets. This channel goes over crazy solutions purchases each and daily so subscribe for more. Disclaimer: The plays made on this video are for entertainment handiest reacting to an particular particular person and in no manner is an offer to reproduction them without doing sizable learn your self. The folk on this video took living to compose a manufacture however please relief in thoughts the reverse is moreover imaginable as shown in a complete lot of of my assorted movies. NO PAID PRODUCTS ARE ASSOCIATED WITH THIS CHANNEL BEWARE OF BOTS OFFERING SERVICES OR SCAM. THIS CHANNEL HAS NO AFFILIATED DISCORDS, TELEGRAMS, OR ANY OTHER SERVICE BESIDES THE CHANNELS VIDEOS FOR ENTERTIANMENT ONLY. Put up Validity Disclaimer: All recordsdata on this put up was procured from wallstreetbets and can also now not be independently verified to be appropriate so elevate this with a grain of salt. This channel specializes in reacting to these and does its simplest to guarantee no misleading posts compose it on this channel by examining the trades that were completed to compose particular they compose sense. This channel in no manner is trying to catch views from misleading recordsdata and in my opinion ensures we construct our diligence to handbook fine of misleading recordsdata however please no there might maybe be a dinky chance some can also moreover be now not real. #shorts #robinhood #optionstrading

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