What is a Gamma Squeeze? | Gamma Squeeze Explained | AMC Gamma Squeeze ELI5

What is a Gamme Squeeze? On this video, I dash to level to what a Gamma Squeeze is, as effectively because the conditions which might maybe presumably well well also honest restful be met for them to happen. This video might maybe presumably well well also honest restful moreover be in a position to level to the workings of the preliminary AMC Gamma Squeeze incident.

I attempted to achieve this video as straightforward as possible, in yelp that merchants who’re original to options can learn the underlying belief with out being bombarded by the full underlying math fervent.

If the belief of a Gamma Squeeze is no longer defined effectively, or you’ve gotten any questions, let me know in the feedback under!

Intro – 0: 00
Explaining Delta and Delta Hedging – 0: 14
Introduction to Gamma – 3: 02
The Gamma Squeeze – 4: 51
Summary – 7: 56
Additional Info – 8: 37
Outro – 9: 06

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