Spanish Flu: a warning from history

100 years in the past, celebrations marking the halt of the First World Battle were gash brief by the onslaught of a devastating disease – the 1918-19 influenza pandemic. Its early origins and initial geographical starting level peaceful live a mystery but in the Summer season of 1918, there was a second wave of a some distance extra virulent procure of the influenza virus than anyone could savor anticipated. Quickly dubbed ‘Spanish Flu’ after its effects were reported in the nation’s newspapers, the virus without warning unfold throughout powerful of the globe to was indubitably one of many worst pure mess ups in human history.
To trace the centenary and to highlight a must-savor scientific examine, the University of Cambridge has made a fresh movie exploring what now we savor learnt about Spanish Flu, the urgent chance posed by influenza nowadays, and how scientists are making ready for future pandemics.


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