Is Nancy Pelosi The Queen Of Insider Trading? She Sold These Shares!

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Is Nancy Pelosi The Queen Of Insider Trading? She Sold These Shares!
Hey investors I’m Jerry Romine and on this video we’re going to survey at Nancy Pelosi, the dwelling speaker, and her impressive inventory market picks that makes her the whale of wall road.

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03: 24 AB Stock AllianceBernstein Holding L.P
05: 55 NVDA Stock NVIDIA Corporation
04: 44 AAPL Stock Apple Inc
05: 37 MSFT Stock Microsoft Corporation
06: 37 TSLA Stock Tesla, Inc
03: 54 GOOGL Stock Alphabet Inc
04: 18 AMZN Stock, Inc
05: 06 DIS Stock The Walt Disney Company
06: 14 RBLX Stock Roblox Corporation
Pelosi Shares Nancy and Paul Pelosi Shares

07: 53 QOTD. What Location To Utilize For Following Politician’s Buys/Sells.

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