Dow futures now indicate 500-point Thursday decline as bond rally continues

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Stocks in Europe slumped in early action Thursday while bonds continued to rally, as investors assessed central bank developments and anticipated how the economy will behave next year without as much stimulus. See full story.

The pandemic is inspiring some companies to test 4-day workweeks — but will it hurt productivity?

Companies are now reevaluating where work needs to happen, and how many days employees should be required to work. See full story.

Fort Lauderdale approves proposal from Elon Musk’s company for beach tunnel

Local lawmakers accepted a proposal from Musk’s Boring Co. on Tuesday to build an underground transit system that would whisk people from the Florida city’s downtown area to the beach in Teslas. See full story.

If you want to fix climate change, you need to fix this flaw in conventional economic thought

Thinking along the margins does no good when what's needed is wholesale change See full story.

Stimulus checks helped American families to stay afloat — but for how long?

Researchers looked at the number of weeks a household suddenly without employment income ket its typical consumption rate See full story.


After selling much of his real-estate portfolio in the past year and listing his final property earlier this month to focus on his mission to Mars, the Tesla TSLA and SpaceX CEO is taking the retirement-saver dictum “Live below your means” to another level. See full story.


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