AMC STOCK ๐Ÿ”ฅ HEDGE FUNDS ARE BORROWING SHARES TO STOP AMC SHORT SQUEEZE? WHAT’S NEXT FOR AMC? Subsequent week there could be the first hedge fund entice, they’re going to let amc plod up to 300/400 to investigate cross-take a look at and form apes awe sell!

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Pension funds were procuring mass amounts of AMC Stock, pension funds tend to highest score the most stable of stable assets

Apes are keeping actual amc and moreover there is a brand sleek critical fed submitting referring to banks and a likely market wreck that can strategy after amc short squeeze

The SEC and Gary Gensler are moreover fervent and attentive to the amount of transactions going by the dark pool as an different of by lit exchanges and ARE taking run.

Its highest a topic of time.

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