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A Theory of Everything AMC: Wanda, AMC, the SEC, and Lawsuits u/beebsgaming:

Fresh OCC Regulatory Strikes Display cowl GME/AMC Quick Sellers Could also Trek Bust: to-gme-amc-short-sellers-also can-trip-bust/

Present Granting Approval of Proposed Rule Alternate Regarding Revisions to OCC-2021-004:

Quantitative Buying and selling: and selling-strategies/quantitative-buying and selling#:~:text=Quantitative%20Buying and selling%20Suggestions%201%20Statistical%20Arbitrage.%20This%20is,…%205%20Match%20Arbitrage.%20…%206%20Spoofing.%20


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My name is Jeff and I’m a swing/day dealer with 9 years of abilities. Up till 9 years ago I by no methodology owned a single portion of stock till my extinct boss introduced me to this wonderful world of buying and selling. Rapid forward 2 years after that I left a engaging correct profession I modified into in for 18 years to achieve this fleshy time and by no methodology regarded attend!

I’m going to hang a straight to the level manner on this channel. I shall be doing 3-4 movies per week on swing trades I’m taking with a correct “entry level”, “tag goal” and “discontinuance loss”

The ideal thing for me and my success is “discontinuance loss” Not all trades are going to be winners obviously nonetheless knowing when to net out has been key for me, taking a puny 5-7% loss and circulate on!

Gorgeous Disclosure: I’m not a monetary consultant. The certainty contained in all of my movies is for entertainment applications easiest. I’m easiest exhibiting you tricks about determined plays I’m in. I’m not accountable for any losses you would also soak up the market. Ecstatic buying and selling of us!

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