AMC Short Squeeze Outlined

Hiya Guys.

I abet getting all these DMs about the AMC instant squeeze. Asking me if I’m going to affix the Ape Navy, and if I judge the stock will almost definitely be squeezed to $500. I wish to eye at the events that bear led as much as the AMC instant squeeze, the set we take a seat lately, and if it’s some distance neatly-behaved to still hop in.

Be sure to computer screen to the the set I manufacture a promise to the Ape Navy.

So AMC theatres is a household name – you all know by now. They cling and operate roughly 950 motion pictures theatres at some level of the globe, the set they generate revenue from promoting tickets, putting butts in the seats, and most severely getting folk in these seats to remove high margin junk meals, the set they manufacture with reference to 85% defective margins.

But this video isn’t about fundamentals. Oh no. It’s about the instant squeeze.

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